"When asked what I do, I give a different answer every time:

I'm a food blogger.

I build things on the internet.

I'm a creative entrepreneur.

I play the cello. I host a podcast. I write songs. I walk my dog. I do things that make me happy.

All of these answers are true."

Laura-Jane Koers


Laura-Jane Koers has blogged since 2001, back when blogs were called journals.

In 2008, she co-founded Brightflock Inc., a tech company.

In 2009, she co-founded The Rawtarian, one of the largest online portals of raw vegan recipes.

As of 2018, her professional life continues to focus on these two projects.

Having worked at the intersection of technology and food for almost a decade, Laura-Jane speaks about the business of blogging across Canada and the USA, including BlogHer Food in Miami and the Canadian Food Bloggers Conferences in Ottawa and Vancouver.

As a spin-off from The Rawtarian, she wrote and photographed an international cookbook, and her food photography has been featured in The Huffington Post, InStyle Magazine and many other publications.


  • Research & data
  • Brand planning
  • Storyboarding
  • Content strategy
  • Positioning


  • UI & UX
  • Marketing
  • Culture & voice
  • Wireframing & prototyping


  • Website & apps
  • Content
  • Campaigns
  • Support & maintenance
  • Macro photography


"A master in the art of living draws no sharp distinction between work and play; labor and leisure; mind and body; education and recreation. One hardly knows which is which.

Simply pursue your vision of excellence through whatever you are doing, and leave others to determine whether you are working or playing. To yourself, you always appear to be doing both." -- L.P. Jacks (1860 – 1955)

How it works:

If you don’t build your dreams, someone will hire you to help build theirs.

And what’s sadder than an artist not making a living at their art? Not making your art to make a living.

The end.

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