Words and Music by Gabrielle Papillon

Original Chords: Db maj / Gb maj /Bb minor / Ab maj / G b / Db 

Chords below simplified (kinda) by LJ Koers

C                                                                                   F
Pick up where you left off, exhale and go into the night
Am                      (Dm)                                                               G                               C
Take a deep breath, now, look to your right, go past the lighthouse, then come back to me
Go on in your best shirt, march forward, lay into the wind
Am                                                                                     G                                 C
Pull your dance shoes on, hold to the white line, let the signpost guide you back to me

F Am C
Oooooooh x 5 (2 long, 3 short)

C                                                                                                F
Get lost in the background, blend in, then creep into the night
Am                                                                                         G                                      C
Pull the anchors in, drift out to sea, look to the lighthouse, then come back to me

C                                                                                                   F
Go on with your cares, clear the air, then storm into the fray
Am                                                                                         G                                   C
Pick your best man, now, give him the light, point to the deep and then come back to me

F Am C
Oooooooh x 5 (2 long, 3 short)

C                                                                                         F
Come down from your perch, set sail, and lean into the wind
Am                                                                                               G                         C
Burrow deep and down, wait for the sign, wait ‘til the lifeline pulls you into me

C                                                                                        F
Come back to the shoreline, inhale, then bury all your grief
Am                                                                                                   G                                 C
Take a deep breath now, look to the sideline, I’ll be there, then come on home to me

F Am C
Oooooooh x 5 (2 long, **4** short)

C                                                                                    F
Pick up where you left off, exhale, then go into the light


Note: The exact chord formatting always gets messed up when I paste it online. The attached PDF has more accurate chord placement on the correct lyrics.